Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where in the world is Mitt Romney? From the John Edwards Campaign

From Tilly Gokbudak: This is from Joe Trippi, who is heading the Edwards '08 Campaign. Edwards will be on Charlie Rose tonight. It may seem like these are harsh words about Mitt Romney, but actually it seems his fellow Republicans are actually saying more heated things about him!

Subject: Where in the world is Mitt Romney?

John Edwards '08

Click to watch the video Dear Attila,

I couldn't believe it.

There, on national television, was Mitt Romney, multi-millionaire Republican nominee wannabe, attacking John Edwards for fighting for tens of millions of Americans who were not born into great wealth -- folks struggling every day to make the American dream a reality for themselves and their families.

Click here to see the video clip.

Maybe Mitt Romney should step out of his bubble of privilege and start meeting real Americans -- people working longer hours for less.

Maybe Mitt Romney should follow in the steps of John Edwards and spend time walking with Americans struggling to rise out of poverty and listen to their stories.

Maybe Mitt Romney should pass on lunch with his millionaire investment buddies -- and spend time, as John Edwards has, with families in New Orleans struggling to rebuild their lives and homes while being ignored by their government.

Click here to see the video clip.

Mitt Romney can bury his head in the sand and pretend the problems will magically go away. But you and I know that there are two Americas -- an America for Mitt Romney and his powerful, privileged friends -- and an America for everyone else. And it's time we had a president with the courage and the backbone to tell the truth.

John Edwards is fighting every single day for the millions of Americans who do not live on Easy Street -- and that's why I support John for president.

Let's show Mitt Romney and the other out of touch Republicans that their time is over -- and our time is now. Can John count on your support as well?

Thanks for all you do.

--Joe Trippi
  Senior Advisor, John Edwards for President
  November 29, 2007

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Movies Opening at the Grandin Theatre (Roanoke, Va.) This Week

From Tilly Gokbudak: Jason Garnett, the mgr. of the Grandin, is reportedly going to show a Chuck Norris film this month, but I don't know when! The action movie star is supporting Mike Huckabee for President, and sadly this will probably help  win over voters in a place like Sioux City, Iowa!


Subject: Grandin News

The Grandin Theatre
November 30th through December 6th
Dear Tilly,
Please see our WEBSITE for current showtimes.
Click HERE to see what's coming up later this month.

Christmas Midnight Movie!
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Saturday, December 22nd

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
Master filmmaker Sidney Lumet directs this absorbing suspense thriller about a family facing the worst enemy of all itself. Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Andy, an overextended broker who lures his younger brother, Hank (Ethan Hawke) into a larcenous scheme: the pair will rob a suburban mom-and-pop jewelry store that appears to be the quintessential easy target. The problem is, the store's owners are Andy and Hank's actual mom and pop and, when the seemingly perfect crime goes awry, the damage lands right at their doorstep. Oscar-winner Marisa Tomei plays Hoffman's trophy wife, who is having a clandestine affair with Hawke, and the stellar cast also includes Albert Finney as the family patriarch who pursues justice at all costs, completely unaware that the culprits he is hunting are his own sons. A classy, classic heist-gone-wrong drama in the tradition of The Killing and Lumet's own The Anderson Tapes, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead is smart enough to know that we often have the most to fear from those who are near and dear.

Rated R - RunTime: 1:57 min.

In the Shadow of the Moon
In the Shadow of the Moon
Between 1968 and 1972, nine American spacecraft voyaged to the Moon, and 12 men walked upon its surface. They remain the only human beings to have stood on another world.

This chronicle brings together, possibly for the first and last time, the surviving crew members from every single Apollo mission that flew to the Moon; it also allows them to tell their story in their own words. First- hand testimony is interwoven with visual archival material which has been re-mastered from the original NASA film footage--much of it never used before.

As a result, this space "epic" communicates the daring, the danger, the pride, and the promise of this extraordinary era in history when the whole world literally looked up at America.

Starring Colonel Buzz Aldrin, Captain Alan Bean, Captain Eugene Cernan, Brig. Gen. Michael Collins, Brig. Gen. Charles Duke

Rated PG - RunTime: 1:40 min.

No Country for Old Men
No Country for Old Men
Based on the acclaimed novel by Pulitzer Prize winner Cormac McCarthy. The time is our own, when rustlers have given way to drug- runners and small towns have become free-fire zones. The story begins when Llewelyn Moss (BROLIN) finds a pickup truck surrounded by a sentry of dead men. A load of heroin and two million dollars in cash are still in the back. When Moss takes the money, he sets off a chain reaction of catastrophic violence that not even the law - in the person of aging, disillusioned Sheriff Bell (JONES) - can contain. As Moss tries to evade his pursuers - in particular a mysterious mastermind who flips coins for human lives (BARDEM) - the film simultaneously strips down the American crime drama and broadens its concerns to encompass themes as ancient as the Bible and as bloodily contemporary as this morning's headlines.

Rated R - RunTime: 2:02 min.

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium is the strangest, most fantastic, most wonderful toy store in the world. In fact, it's a magic toy store and everything in it comes to life - including the store itself. The Emporium only asks one thing of its customers; you must believe it to see it.

Starring Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Portman and Jason Bateman.

Rated G - RunTime: 1:34 min.

Lars and the Real Girl
Lars and the Real Girl
Written by Six Feet Under scribe Nancy Oliver, Lars and the Real Girl is a heartfelt comedy starring Academy-Award nominated Ryan Gosling as Lars Lindstrom a loveable introvert whose emotional baggage has kept him from fully embracing life. After years of what is almost solitude, he invites Bianca, a friend he met on the internet to visit him. He introduces Bianca to his Brother Gus (Paul Schneider) and his wife Karen (Emily Mortimer) and they are stunned. They don't know what to say to Lars or Bianca because she is a life-size doll, not a real person and he is treating her as though she is alive. They consult the family doctor Dagmar (Patricia Clarkson) who explains this is a delusion he's created for what reason she doesn't yet know but they should all go along with it. What follows is an emotional journey for Lars and the people around him.

Rated PG-13 - RunTime: 1:46 min.

Thank you for supporting independent cinema.
Mission Statement: To preserve the historic Grandin Theatre as a cultural and educational resource devoted to film and the cinematic arts for Western Virginia.

The Grandin Theatre is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization

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Upcoming Events in Floyd, Va.

Subject: Upcoming Events
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DLP Concerts - Live Music & Concert Promotion

Email: - Website:
Toubab Krewe
Saturday, December1 - 9:00 pm
The Sun Music Hall
Floyd, VA
Tickets: $15 advance and $18 day of show
Buy Tickets Online
Tickets On Sale Now at Winter Sun 540-745-7880 and at the Harvest Moon in Floyd,
Rocket Music & Mainstream Music in Blacksburg and Fret Mill in Roanoke.

Toubab KreweBlending Malian, American, and "Dirty South" influences into a genre all its own, Toubab Krewe "has set a new standard for fusions of rock 'n' roll and West African music," says Banning Eyre at Afropop Worldwide. Members of the group developed their unique sound over the course of numerous extended trips to West Africa, where they immersed themselves in the local culture and studied and performed with masters such as Lamine Soumano, Vieux Kante, Madou Dembele, and Koungbanan Conde. The magnetic instrumental quintet formed in early 2005 and has attracted a diverse and devoted national following, captivating crowds everywhere from the Bonnaroo Music Festival and the Blue Note to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The band's energetic performances and acclaimed self-titled debut have won them praise from the New York Times, Global Rhythm, and Afropop Worldwide.


Wayne Henderson & Jeff Little
Saturday, December 15 - 8:00 pm
The Floyd Country Store
206 S. Locust St., Floyd, VA
Tickets $14 Advance and $18.00 Day of Show
On Sale Now! At the Floyd Country Store and the Harvest Moon
Buy Tickets Online

Wayne Henderson and Jeff Little With Wayne's top-notch finger-picking and Jeff's remarkable speed, this piano and guitar duo will perform traditional Old-time Country tunes with skill and poise.

Jeff Little is a remarkable musician, steeped in the tradition of his native Blue Ridge, yet also a virtuosic and eclectic innovator. Little’s involvement with fiddle tunes, old time country, and rockabilly dates to his growing up in Boone, North Carolina, where his father, owned a music shop. The shop was a regular gathering place for musicians who would just stop by to pick a few tunes.


Enter the Haggis
Friday, January 25 - 9:00 pm
The Sun Music Hall
Floyd, VA
Tickets: $15 advance and $18 day of show
Buy Tickets Online
Tickets On Sale Now at Winter Sun 540-745-7880 and at the Harvest Moon in Floyd,
Rocket Music & Mainstream Music in Blacksburg and Fret Mill in Roanoke.

Enter The HaggisThere aren’t many groups in North America who could lay claim to possibly 18 different genres of music, but Toronto’s Enter The Haggis is one of them. To engage this quintet is to indulge rock, fusion, bluegrass, traditional Celtic fare, agitpop, folk, even Latin flavors. Sounds awfully confused, right? Wrong. ETH is one of those rare jewels that actually pulls it all off as if to own everything.


Winter Feast Over the Moon Benefit Dinner

Winter Feast Over the MoonBlue Mountain School is hosting a Winter Feast Benefit Dinner this coming Saturday from 7pm-9pm at Over the Moon Gallery Café.

The evening features a gourmet five course meal with paired wines created with local organic ingredients by chef Scott Hutchinson and live music by Windfall.

Tickets are $75 and can be purchased through the Harvest Moon 540-745-4366 or Blue Mountain School 540-745-4234.

Come out and have an amazing meal before the Toubab Krewe concert and support the School!

DLP Concerts . P.O. Box 173 • Floyd, VA 24091

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Bryan Lee O'Malley and Hope Larson signing this Saturday!_ From Chapel Hill Comics

From Tilly Gokbudak: This looks like a cool event. Those of you living in the Chapel Hill, NC, area will have to fill me in if you get a chance to do this.

Subject: Bryan Lee O'Malley and Hope Larson signing this Saturday!

Hey everybody!

What makes a great holiday gift?

Signed graphic novels!

Come by this Saturday between 2pm and 4pm to have Bryan Lee O'Malley and Hope 
Larson sign copies of their graphic novels!

If you haven't read their stuff before, please swing by the store between now 
and Saturday to check out the books and learn a bit more about the comics they 

Here are some links to reviews of their work:

The Onion's AV Club on Scott Pilgrim volume 4:

Entertainment Weekly on Scott Pilgrim 4:

Scott Pilgrim 1 and 2 review at IGN:

Wizard Spotlight on Hope Larson:

Gray Horses review by Johanna Draper Carlson:

Here is a link to our press release:

Andrew Neal
Chapel Hill Comics

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kucinich TV?!

From Tilly Gokbudak: This is not an endorsement.........but, this sounds very interesting! I must say Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul have helped make Campaign 08 more intriguing than most.

Dennis Kucinich -


We all know that something is very wrong in our country. The Rule of Law, the Balance of Powers, and our Constitutionally guaranteed Civil Liberties have been under sustained assault by an Administration that is brazen and unrepentant in its abuses of our rights and our founding principles. And, to make matters worse, the Democratic leadership of the House and the Senate have failed to exercise the Constitutional authority granted to Congress to stop those abuses and hold violators accountable.

The results? The powers of the Executive Branch have gone unchecked and its policies unchallenged. The Congress and the American people were deceived into an illegal and immoral war in Iraq, and those same deceptions and manipulations are being used to justify a new war in Iran. The government is spying on its own citizens, ignoring judicial protections and due process, denying the right of habeas corpus, and refusing to abide by international laws, treaties, and principles.

Our nation faces a crisis, yet its leaders, and the candidates campaigning for the Presidency, refuse to acknowledge or address it in any substantive way.
That's why it's time for: A DIALOGUE FOR DEMOCRACY.

This Thursday, November 29, Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich will host an unprecedented "Dialogue for Democracy" forum that will be streamed LIVE on the Internet at Along with invited guests, Dennis will bring this crisis to the attention of the nation and the world so we can better understand what'swrong, and, more importantly, what we can do about it. The first segment of the LIVE broadcast begins at 11 a.m. and continues until 1 p.m. The LIVE forum will resume at 5 p.m. and end at 9:30 p.m.

AN INVITATION TO SPEAK OUT!  The Kucinich campaign is also extending this open invitation to representatives of interested organizations and concerned citizens to participate in this "Dialogue" by sending an email to Tell us who you are, the issues you want discussed, and whether you or your organization would like to participate directly during any of the LIVE broadcasts.
OUR DEMOCRACY - YOUR DEMOCRACY - is at stake in this election. And there's something you can do about it. You can stand with the candidate who stands with you. The one candidate who isn't afraid to speak the truth, to give honest answers, and to lay out real solutions that don't protect the status quo.  If that's the kind of leader you want, someone who will protect and defend YOUR interests and rights under the Constitution, consider making a contribution to the Kucinich for President Campaign today. It's your way of ensuring that your voice will continue to be heard throughout the debates, the primaries, and the caucuses.

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT! Any contribution you make now through November 29th is eligible for federal matching funds. That means your $50 contribution becomes a $100 contribution. A $100 contribution becomes $200. BUT THE DEADLINE IS THURSDAY NIGHT, so please don't wait.

Click here to double the impact of your contribution so you can have an even bigger impact on the campaign, and on the future of our nation.

Defend the Constitution
The Kucinich Campaign

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register to vote

877-41-DENNIS (877-413-3664)

Paid for by Kucinich for President 2008

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Galaxy Cinema Weekly Newsletter

From Tilly Gokbudak: The Galaxy Cinema is one of my favorite 'new theatres.' They definitely appeal to the cinephile. I am still more partial to older cinemas, like the Grandin Theatre in Roanoke, Va., but if you live in the Raleigh-Durham area, or are visiting there, this is a place I highly recommend. Regardless of where you live, "Into the Wild," "TheDarjeleling Limited" and "Lars and the Real Girl" are wonderful films. The Galaxy is also known for showing Bollywood films.

Galaxy Cinema Newsletter           Nov 21st - Nov 29th
La Scala
Starting in December 2007, Galaxy Cinema and Emerging Pictures bring the magic of Italy's famed La Scala opera house to the big screen ...

Click Here For Show Times
Margot at the Wedding


We're celebrating our third anniversary in style with La Scala!
December 15 at 6:15 p.m., December 16 at 3:00 p.m.: Verdi's opera Aida, presented in HD 5.1 sound, recorded live from Italy's famed Teatro alla Scala.

Tickets just $20 per person ($18 for Galaxy Cinema members).
More Details...
Click here to view the calender for Nov 21st - Nov 29th
New Releases

I'm not There(R)
Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett
2 hr 15 min
Genre : Biography / Drama / Music

Aaja Nachle(NR)
Madhuri Dixit, Akshaye Khanna, Kunal Kapoor
Hindi with English subtitles
2 hr 30 min
Genre : Drama

Khuda Kay Liye(NR)
Fawad Khan, Alex Edwards
Urdu with English subtitles
2 hr 30 min
Genre : Drama
Current Releases

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead(R)
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke
1 hr 57 min
Genre : Crime/Drama

No Country for Old Men(R)
Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem
2 hr 02 min
Genre : Crime / Drama

The Darjeeling Limited(R)
Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson
1 hr 31 min
Genre : Comedy/Drama

Lars and the Real Girl(PG-13)
Ryan Gosling, Patricia Clarkson
1 hr 46 min
Genre : Comedy / Drama

Om Shanthi Om(NR)
Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone
Hindi with English subtitles
2 hr 45 min
Genre : Comedy/Drama

Into the Wild(R)
Emile Hirsch, Marcia Gay Harden
2 hr 20 min
Genre : Biography / Drama
Private Shows

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