Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Quote of the day- from Andrei Codrescu

Most of you are probably familiar with NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu. the Romanian immigrant writer lives in New Orleans, and he has been interviewed about his experiences with surviving Hurricane Katrina. In 1996, Codrescu published "The Dog with the Chip in His Neck," one of his many essay collections.

I love this last line from his essay "It's a Crime" which is in "Dog."

It reads: "The right wing couldn't live a day without its criminals."



Thursday, February 23, 2006

My movie reviews are now online

I hope this does not seem too self-promoting, but then again I think about 98% of all blogs are indeed that way-LOL!


My reviews for "Mrs. Henderson Present" and "The World's Fastest Indian" are avialbale from the Grandin theatre web site (see below). I am hoping to see and review "TransAmerica" either tomorrow or Saturday.


I want to personally thank Jason Garnett and Kathy Chittum of the Grandin Theatre Foundation for this opportunity. The Grandin Theatre was renovated in 2002, and it is the leading arthouse in Roanoke, Va.

For those of who are local and like to stay up late and don't mind a film that will not win any Oscars this year or any other year, then you can check out local Roanoke filmmaker Charles Cullen's latest B-movie "The Dead Have Risen." If you like low-budget horror films, then this may be the film for you! It will show at the Grandin on midnight, Sat. Feb. 25


Next week, the Grandin will show a series of shorts that were last year's Oscars nominees. The collection of films begins March 3.

They will also be showing the Oscars at the Theatre live on March 5.

Since it won several British Film Academy Awards as well as the Golden Globes, I expect 'Broke Mountain" to win best picture, though of the two nominated films I've seen I think "Capote" is the slightly stronger of the two. But, "Capote"'s star Phillip Seymour Hoffman seems to be a slight favorite over Heth Ledger of "Brokeback Mountain" for the Best Actor Oscar.

To see my reviews and see when films are showing at the Grandin, the theatre's web site is:




Monday, February 20, 2006

Florida Gators win big in gymnastics this weekend...

Since one of my email pals Yvonne Tousek, a former Canadian Olympian and UCLA gymnastics star, has a sister Chantelle Tousek on the U of Florida gymnastics team, I thought I would continue with a second consecutive sports entry. If I knew anything about ski-jumping, I suppose an entry regarding the Olympic Games from Torino, Italy would be next!

I had hoped to go to their tri-meet at NC St., which also included a Virginia school William and Mary, but after going to one last week I decided to stay home and waste vast amounts of personal time.

Of course, since my last entry is about NC St.'s victory in men's basketball over Va. Tech (sorry, Lale), there is some irony here! Anyway, here is a brief synopsis of the U-Fla, NC St., and W&M meet from the U-Fla sports info center.

Raleigh, NC_ The No. 5 U of Fla. gymnastics team (11-2, 3-2) won the NC St triangular meet in front of a crowd of 2,412. the Gators posted a 195.95 whole NC ST scored a 19120 and William and Mary posted a 186.725.

The Gators posted a 196.40 in their win at Kentucky, two nights earlier.

Soph. Ashley Reed stepped to the top of the awards stand in each of the three events she competed in on Sun.

She also shared the uneven bars title with her Gator teammates, Nicola Willis and Samantha Lutz. And, Reed shared the vault title with teammates Tiffany Murry and Katie Rue.

I have nothing against the lady Wolfpack (is that an oxy-moron or what!) and the Tribe. But, I'm happy for U-Fla.

And, hopefully, by posting this, I may actually hear from Yvonne again soon!


For more info:

University of Florida athletics


College Gymnastics fans web site




Sunday, February 19, 2006

College basketball round-up-kudos to Engin Atusr!

I thought I would congradulate my friend Engin Atusr, a basketball player for North Carolina State, for playing an outstanding game against Virginia Tech and defeating the Hokies in Blacksburg. I had entertained thoughts about going, but the game was on tv and I had decided to go contra dancing in Blacksburg (an hour away) later in the evening. The Wolfpack won 70-64. Obviously, Atsur's basketball is better than my contra dancing! Since my sister Lale and her husband Matt Lovell are alums of Virginia Tech, rooting for the other team seems a bit awkward but well, I went to Radford University anyway.

Speaking of which, the RU Highlanders won a big game with our arch-rivals from Lynchburg, the Liberty Baptist Flames- a school which is run by the Rev. Jerry Falwell. Is he the one who issued the fatwa against Venezuelan President Hug Chavez- just kidding! Anyway, the Highlanders won going away 69-54. This game was also on tv- well, regionally....

And, lastly, alas the Roanoke College Maroons lost their ODAC conference game against Hampden-Sydney by a 68-58 count. Their coach Page Moir was extremely gracious to me as I am researching a screenplay project that involves Division Three basketball. Of course, as a good friend of mine suggested, I need to get with the program as far as that is concerned!

If anyone else has an interest in Div. III hoops. They can check out the web site:



Alas, my second alma mater,  Hollins University, the women's college (I took a graduate program which is co-ed in case anyone is wondering if I've had a sex-change. For the record, I'm a male), is at last report still winless this year. But, as captain for the fictional men's team, I can profess that well we didn't do much better.

But, they are a good school, with only a slightly inflated ego.

Their web site



Saturday, February 18, 2006

Grocery List

Things have been so hectic lately (and, in my life, that is not always the case!) that I haven't had time to add a blog entry or go to the grocery store. I never make grocery lists, so I thought I would start here. There seem to be so few hits on my blog that the thought that someone might actually read this seems relatively remote. So, here it goes:


1. bananas

2. apples/ oranges

3. tomatoes

4. lunch meat

5. bagels (perfereably the ones with fewer carbs)

6. kavun/karpuz- well these are Turkish words for various kinds of melons

7. yogurt

8. Diet Pepsi/Coke/Dr. Pepper/Water

9. Wine (I just said that to get my sister's attention, if she's reading)

10. a dozen bags of Doritos- hmm, maybe not

11. paper towels

12. soap

13. National Enquirer- have to know about Tom and Katie, then again no I don't....

14. milk

15. cereal

16. microwave Chinese food- I could go for those eggrolls right now! 

17. Granola bars

18. Pop-Tarts- yes, I know I should've outgrown them by now

19. Jello and/or puddings

20. cheese, but not from Denmark- that is a joke! (Although the last time I checked Danish cheese was yikes- $12!)

21. shaving stuff

22. ice coffees (perhaps!)

23. orange juice

24. and, of course, last but not least Windex and Pledge, then again %&*$# that- these apartments never give your deposit back anyway!

If you've actually read this grocery list in its entirety, the you must live in the thriving metropolis of Boones Mill, Va. I love that billboard you have with babies. It helps people like me remember that we are living in a red state after all:)

Update 2/19: I was able to get all these items, for the most part, except the microwave Chinese food. I guess I'll have to cancelt that dinner party after all!

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Controversial movie opens in Turkey

I do not have time to really go into all the details, but I will provide a link for those interested in learning more about this film. "The Valley of the Wolves-Iraq," a filmed version of a popular Turkish action TV series has just opened in Turkey. The film sounds like a Turkish version of 1980s right-wing Chuck Norris action movies ("Missing in Action," "The Delta Force"). Though I am fully against the War in Iraq, I am concerned that the film might be using fictional events and promoting them as 'real events.' The story revolves around an American general who oversees the kidnapping of 11 Turkish soldiers in Northern Iraq. They are dragged with hoods on their heads, and told that there America will be calling the shots. Billy Zane and Gary Busey are actually in the film. One right-wing fanatic posted on an IMDB message board that 'the actors should hanged for teason!" He also cited a poll in which 70 % of Turkish people had a negative view of America due to our foreign policy as proof that Turkey was somehow 'an American enemy." He went on to call us an ARAB country! The unfortunate reality is that films like "Valley of the Wolves" are merely playing to the same kind of ideological idiots in Turkey. I also find it sad that a quality Turkish film like "Distant" will only play at arthouse in New York or Madison, Wi., while this film will get considerable more attention.


For more info:






There is a great article on the twitchfilm site!