Thursday, June 29, 2006

Is anyone actually reading this???:)

I was actually thinking about starting a new blog, but hey no one is reading my old blog!

Of course, even I have yet to make it among my favorite home pages. My life is going through transitions, but nothing new on that front. I was sorry to hear about the passing of Turkish-American record producer Arif Mardin this week. I expect Brazil and Germany to play in the FIFA World Cup Final. I don't expect any upsets in the next round, though I am picking England over Portugal. There was flooding in Virginia and North Carolina over the weekend, but the weather in this area is now hot as hel*!

Have a good 4th.



Thursday, June 1, 2006

What a long, strange trip it's been.........

Hmm. Since my last blog entry, I went to Hawa'ii (Maui), got a job in NC, moved to NC, found out the job was a nightmare, my anxiety and stress level and high blood pressure went through the roof, left the job and........... well, here we are.


I did not mention the fact that my 2001 Hyundai Accent broke down on I-81 and that my passport is missing at a time when I could really use a trip to Peru, Honduras, or somewhere....


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my late stepfather Donald Sullivan who died in 2003 for serving in WW II as a belated Memorial Day gesture. But, having said that, the war in Iraq is still one of the worst mistakes since the Taft administration and our president should be sent into exile on Elba- just like Napoleon....


At least, I can speak my mind again, but alas 'freedom isn't free' and the rent is due.


And, lastly, if anyone would like to work for the parent company that owned by newspaper- they are based in Richmond, Va.- I suggest you check into the nearest mental health facility in your area and institutionalizing yoursefl first. Because, when it is all said and done, they will 'put you there' anyway!