Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Night Tweets, Contd_. Nixon 2013?

Since it is snowing cats and dogs here in Burlington, NC, (not really where we are, but it is snowing in North Carolina too), we thought we'd post some more Friday night tweets, including one which alludes to a certain deceased Republican president, and no we don't mean Herbert Hoover:

1) WSOC TV @WSOC_TV: Highway patrol responds to more than 300 accidents in the Charlotte area today.

2) Spears YMCA Sports @SpearsYSports: For Sat., Jan 26th, all basketball games at Kernodine Middle School in Greensboro are cancelled.

3) Mother Jones @MotherJones: @boyscouts threaten to boot troop unless they discriminate

4) Sun Devil Gymnastics @ASUGymnastics: "Sun devil spirit is in the arena as the crowd begins an 'A-S-U' chant."

5) The Fix @TheFix: "Seriously....imagine a giant-sized Richard Nixon racing around the Nats Park. That would freaking rule.

6) Top Conservative Cat @TeaPartyCat: Now that Sarah Palin is off Fox News, she can finally devote herself full time to curing cancer.

7)Dane Cook @DaneCook: RT if you think a committed relationship is more of a weekday activity.

Tweets for a Snowy Night

It's snowing in Maryland, Washington DC, West Virginia, North Carolina and Virginia, here is a look a some tweets for a snowy, snowy night:

1) Gator Gymnastics @GatorZoneGym: Freshman Bridgette Caquatto makes her debut on uneven bars tonight with a 9.8! #GoGators

2) UNC Women's Lacrosse @uncwlax: Enjoying the snow here in Chapel Hill.

3) NC A&T @ncatsaggies: #NCAT will open at 11 a.m. tomorrow.

4) Robin Reed @wxman7: Looking for reports on road conditions mainly residential- in your area- send me a quick tweet or picture! (Reed is a long-time weather reporter for WDBJ Channel 7 in my hometown of Roanoke, Va.)

5) NC State Gymnastics @PackGymnastics: "Diahanna Ham notches the top-score on beam for the Pack with a 9.775"

6) Cornell Daily Sun @CornellSun: W. Hockey. C.U. heads on the Road to Play Ivy Rivals Yale, Brown.

7) Denver Gymnastics @DU_Gymnastics: The traditional 'calling of the hogs; here at Arkansas just took place. Both teams getting set for the first touch warm-up.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tweets of the Night

There are lots of sporting reports in tonight's tweets. Whether the athletes has donned skis, like Lindsey Vonn, laced up sneakers, like a Michigan State basketball player, or strutted across the balance beam in bare feet, like a Minnesota gymnast, there has been lots of action tonight.

Of course, there are political and news matters being discussed as well.

Let's check out the tweets:

1) Denver Post Sports @DenverSportsNews: Lindsey Vonn wins World Cup downhill for first win in five weeks.

2) Minnesota Gymnastics @GophersWomensGym: The #Gophers started on Bars, so they'll compete next on the Balance Beam. Still waiting for final two scores to be posted.

3) Katrina vandenHeuvel @KatrinaNation (managing editor of "The Nation"): "Different times, but still worth thinking about what a second-term Obama Can Learn from FDR."

4) Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost: "Suspected U.S. drone attack kills at least 8 in Yemen."

5) Heather Richardson @hlynnrichardson: "Thank you all so much for all the kind messages! So proud of teammate @BrrittanyBowe w/ her first podium." (Richardson, an American speed skater won gold at the sport's world championships in Calgary, Canada, she is originally from High Point, NC)

6) Spartan Basketball @MSU_Basketball: "Coach Tom Izzo calls a :30 timeour with 1:08 left in the second half and MSU leading Ohio St. 53-51." (Sparty, pictured, is the school's mascot)

7) Norfolk Admirals @AdsGameUpdates: "The puck has been dropped and the #pinkintherink game is underway!"

Our Outline for 2013

With a cheeky teacher's apple in hand, we give a scheduled run-down of what to expect from this blog during the spring semester. We should add that we feel slightly hipper than normal as we are listening to WXDU 88.7-FM (Durham, NC), the student radio station of Duke University, via Internet streaming which is actually working?!, while we are posting this.

A few minutes ago, they were playing a song by Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie Prince Billy, a band with actor Will Oldham, who starred in the indie classic "Old Joy" (2006).  Javier the Intern informs us that we are now listening to "One Million Lovers" by The Growlers. Aren't you impressed?

Here is our slate:

Sunday- (1st and 3rd) Weekend Tweets

Sunday (2nd, 4th and 5th)- Comic Strip Dialogue......hopefully, the creators of "Funky Winkerbean," which is still carried by "The Roanoke Times" in Roanoke, Va., won't sue us.

Monday (1st and 3rd starting in Feb.) Sports Update- gymnastics

             (2nd, 4th and 5th)- college basketball

Tuesday- Quote of the Week

Wednesday- Weather from Around the Whole World

Thursday- Silly Photo to Fill Space

Friday- Weekend Extra

Saturday- Weekend Extra

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Coming Soon....Our Person of the Year for 2012 will definitely not be Lance Armstrong. These impersonators, which were the subject of a documentary film, were, at last report, in the Los Angeles metro area (we presume Hollywood).

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quote of the Week- Charlie Chaplin

Today, we honor my late father Mehmet Gokbudak (1921-1983), who would have turned 92 on Jan. 7th, with a quote from one of his favorite movie actors, the comic genius Charlie Chaplin:

"Life is a tragedy when seen close-up, but a comedy in long shot."

This Blog Will Go On.....

Since we are surprisingly popular in Greece (the editor of this blog Tilly Gokbudak, who is me, is a Turkish-American), we thought we's post the first entry of 2013 with an image of the Greek shadow puppet Karagiozis who really sets a bad example for children by walking barefoot (we are just kidding....we like being populr in Greece).

Karagiozis has a Turkish counterpart in Karagoz, a bearded anti-intellectual, who frequently bouts with his frenemy, the benevolent Hacivat.

One of our hopes for this year is to post a weekly round-up of weather temps around the globe on Wednesdays. We will probably annoy folks in both Greece and Turkey by posting the temps in Fahreinhiet, but perhaps one day, we will use Celsius as well.

Here we go:

Athens, Greece 51 (partly cloudy)

Boulder, Colorado* 10 (snow)

Charlottesville, Virginia* 48 (cloudy)

Istanbul, Turkey 45 (rain/yagmur)

Lawrence, Kansas 30 (cloudy)

Paris, France 38 (cloudy)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 28 (partly cloudy)

*- These are American cities, all of which are also college towns.