Monday, December 31, 2012

Comic Strip Dialogue_ Even More Exclamation Points...

Happy New Year to those of you in Dubai! We thought we'd post an image of a Shirley Temple, a nonalcoholic cocktail, in your honor....and, who says that Muslims don't have a sense of humor?!!!

Here is some dialogue from the Sunday, Dec. 23rd edition of "The Washington Post;" we hope you enjoy!!!:

1) "It's a playlist!" (from "Zits")!

2) "It's adorable! I love it!" (from "Sherman's Lagoon")!

3)  "We're prisoners in the king's dungeon on Christmas Eve!" (from "Hagar the Horrible")!

4) "So, we'll see our son's wedding on a video after the fact!" (from "Judge Parker")!

5) "It's ridicilous!" (from "Big Nate")!

6) "I need a few more things!!" (from "Blondie")!

7) "Somebody needs to teach you about naughty and nice!" (from "Knight Life, a comic strip by Keith Knight")!

Comic Strip Dialogue_ from "The Denver Post"

Since Leo Tolstoy is in in vogue these days, perhaps due in part to Elif Batuman and Keira Knihgtley, there are probably folks putting "I must read 'War and Peace' this year," on their list of New Year's resolutions for 2013. Hmmm....I think I'll just put read the Dr. Seuss classic "Cat in the Hat" on my list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
I think we just broke the record for use of exclamation points on this blog; on that note, here is comic strip dialouge from the Sunday Dec. 16, 2012 edition of "The Denver Post"!!!!!!!!!!!!:
1) "Don't touch me!" (from "Zits"!
2) "Oh wait a minute! What am I thiking! It's fish!" (from "Pickles") !
3) "She's rolling.....Pop the clutch! Pop the clutch!" (from "Rhymes with Orange")!
4) "Holiday Sale! Guys! Holiday Sale!" (from "Baldo")!
5) "Mommy! I'm thirsty!" (from "Family Circus")!
6) "It's Christmas Time!" (from "Marmaduke")!
7) "Hey, No, Wait. None of this stuff was my idea!!" (from "Mother Goose and Grimm")!!

Comic Strip Dialogue- from St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Perhaps, now we have to quote "Peanuts" as we just shop-lifted Charlie Brown's trademark line. But, before we do we want to wish our readers in Dubai, Istanbul and Tel Aviv a Happy New Year as it will be officially 2013 in all those cities by the time we finish posting this.

Here are comic strip lines from the Fri., Nov. 30, 2012 edition of "The St. Louis Post-Dispatch" which breaks with tradition as we usually go with quotes from Sunday newspapers.

Here we go:

1) "You should go on a fast" (from "Mutts")

2) "Or you could display some leadership and get back to me" (from "Dilbert")

3) "Well Y'know I've always wanted to party like a rock star" (from "Mother Goose and Grimm")

4) "My hat will blow off" (from "Pearls Before Swine")

5) "Pepper, sir?" (from "Dustin")

6) "See that girl across the room? She just whisphered she wants me...." (from "Rhymes with Orange")\

7) "Think now's a good time to ask if we can havesome friends over?" (from "The Pajama Diaries")

Sunday, December 16, 2012

This and That_ We Will Be Back

As I'm sure any blogger will tell ya', there are times when one simply must post an entry even if there is very little to say.............this is one of those very moments!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Comic Strip Dialogue- Strike a Pose

Wowza! We had lots of tech glitches trying to get this entry posted. We should point out that the yoga pose image above is in reference to a line from yesterday's "Reply All," which like most of the lines used here came from a comic strip in the Sunday, Dec. 2nd edition, of "The Washington Post:"

1) "I want you to take the trash out!" (from "Zits")

2) "Did you get my text Santa?" (from "Blondie")

3) "Walk it in and rise up as you release the breath of a new start." (from "Reply All," said by a yoga instructor).

4) "We're leaving in a few hours, Sam! I'll be in Toronto tomorrow!" (from "Judge Parker")

5) "I saw you on the news!" (from "The Amazing Spiderman")

6) "Would you like paper or plastic?" (from "Dustin")

7) "Good thing I was born with no apparent purpose in life." (from "Sherman's Lagoon," said by a shark).

8) "I was worried about you," (from "Hagar the Horrible")

9) "Some guys just shouldn't enter spelling bees." (from "Pearls Before Swine.")

10) "Table Scraps?! Well I Never!" (from "Peanuts," said by Snoopy).

11) "Carpe Diem!" (from "Prickly City.).

12) "I've beeb following you on Facebook. You have a lot to explaining to do," (from "Duplex," said by Santa Claus).

13) "Whatcha doin'?" (from "Knight Life")

14) "I think I need to take the car for a tune-up." (from "Hi and Lois.").

15) "Now what were you telling me about distractions?" (from "The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee.")

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Virtual Postcard of Colorado- The Wonder Tower

Today, we wrap up our series on Virtual Postcards with an image of the Wonder View Tower in the eastern hamlet of Genoa, Colo., where one can reportedly see up to eight states, including a very far away South Dakota. We imagine that must be on a very clear day.

We are not actually in Colo., and us much as we enjoyed the trip (well, there were some mishaps and fiascos along the day---to put it mildly), it's good to be home, Toto.....not that we are dog people!