Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sunday Comic Strip Dialogue Potluck (1/4): ......Keith Knight Wants Some Sushi...........

So greetings to those of you tuning us in from a Starbucks in Princeton, WVa; yes there really is a Starbucks in Princeton, West Virginia. For those of you in Dubai, Princeton University is not in Princeton, W.Va, but rather Princeton, NJ. Princeton University boasts alumni such as Donald Rumsfeld and Bill Bradley; yes, we doubt those two men would meet up at a Starbucks over an iced latte either.

The following lines are from comic strips that appeared in the Aug. 21st edition of "The Washington Post." The images above are of: 1) "Doonesbury" cartoonist Garry Trudeau; 2) Dustin Hoffman who seemingly has nothing to do with the comic strip "Dustin," but perhaps he reads it every now and then; and 3) characters from Bill Amend's "Foxtrot," which is now a Sundays Only strip.

Here we go, kids!!!:

1) "Do you think my dreams will come true?" Baldo

2) "What if you can't tie shoelaces, yet?" Doonesbury

3) "Sushi!," The Knight Life from Keith Knight

4) "This is a ruthless carnivore dress," Sherman's Lagoon.

5) "This campaign will be ugly," Prickly City.

6) "Hey, what's the big idea! We're not driving!," Judge Parker

7) "So what are you doing today?," Foxtrot

8) "Pretty cool, right?," Dustin

9) "My hands are so dry," Pickles by Brian Crane

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